rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Thirty-Nine

Arrangements have been made for shopping tomorrow (well, today, Monday,) if I can wake up and get ready in time. I'd have been up by one o'clock Sunday afternoon, but my doorbell has a bad habit of ringing by itself now and then, and it did that a bit after eight o'clock in the morning, and after getting out of bed to make sure there was nobody actually there I was unable to get back to sleep for over an hour, so I didn't finally get up until half past two in the afternoon. That could make it harder to get to sleep tonight.

My shopping list is mostly made out, though I'm going to have to rewrite it as it is sloppy and hard to read. Stopping to puzzle out what I've written makes shopping even more stressful than it already is. Especially when I'm short of sleep, which I'm likely to be. I'm just looking forward to six o'clock this evening, when it will all be over and done with for another month.

The hot days will continue all week, and the next week will be only slightly less hot. The nights will continue to be cool, though, so I'm not expecting any crickets to show up yet. It's likely to be June before I hear them again. Sad, but good, as I'm not fond of the warmer nights that bring them.

I'm letting the computer go to sleep early tonight, in hopes that I will get to sleep a bit earlier myself without its stimulation. There are still a few things to do before bed though, so I hope I can get to sleep by three o'clock. And Tuesday I will have orange juice again, and hopefully a donut.

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