rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Thirty-Five

Tuesday turned into one of those unintentional nap days, but not until fairly ate in the evening. It was probably around ten o'clock that I just couldn't keep my eyes open and just collapsed on the bed, pulling a throw over me to keep off the draft from the fan. It was still about 76 degrees inside then. I woke up around two o'clock in the morning with fragmented memories of a very sad dream about being on a black sand beach in bright moonlight, where distant, shadowy groups were gathered for what I knew to be funerals of some sort, and I was looking for a boat that was supposed to take me to some place I couldn't identify, but I never found it.

After I woke up I remained in bed for quite a while, remembering actual sad events from my real life, but now I can't remember which sad events they were. There are a lot to choose from. After I got up it was a rather dull night, with a lot of aimless Internet meandering, and a microwaved ramen bowl to make up for the fact that I hadn't had any dinner. Not surprisingly, the ramen bowl was the best part of the night.

I should probably try to get back to sleep, but although tired I'm not particularly sleepy. It's going to be a hot day, and the windows and fan only managed to get the apartment down to 70 degrees. It could heat up pretty fast on a day like today, with the high predicted to be 95, and it might be very unpleasant by the next time I wake up. Thankfully there are not yet any hot nights in the forecast. The first half of May will be uncomfortable, but not yet miserable. Yay?

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