rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Thirty-Four

I'm pretty sure I got up about three o'clock Monday afternoon. Or was it two o'clock? Or perhaps somewhere in between? Okay, I don't remember when I got up, but I know I didn't really want to. The only reason I did get up was because I got a cramp in my foot and had to walk it off, and then I got a spam robocall from a dead robot (nothing but silence on the other end) and then my stomach started growling so I had to go eat something, and by then I was awake, more or less.

Then I stayed awake clear until now, with only a few brief instances of nodding off in front of the computer a bit after sunset. I suspect I'll have a hard time getting to sleep tonight, too, and then have a hard time waking up again this afternoon. It would be easier if I had a donut to wake up for.

This is to be the first of two quite hot days (91 and 95 respectively,) and the wind will continue today. Humidity is very low, so there is considerable fire danger. Well, there is likely to be considerable fire danger for most of the rest of the year, so no surprise, but today will be a peak of danger. I'll be asleep, so if there's a fire in the neighborhood I hope somebody wakes me up. I wouldn't want to miss it. It's been more than two years since I've personally seen a town burn down.

The apartment is only down to 71 so far tonight, and I'll have to turn the fan off and close the windows before I go to sleep or I'll risk heating the place up while I sleep. It's likely to get pretty hot in here today anyway, and I'm hoping I don't have to turn the air conditioning on. May is much too early for that, and it's still early in May to boot. This weather is quite crappy. We are most displeased.

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