rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Thirty-Three

So after intermittent sleep I finally got up Sunday afternoon at the disgraceful hour of 4:45. There were cookies for breakfast and then a grilled cheese sandwich and a bit of fried cheese for dinner. It was the last of the two pound block of Tillamook sharp cheddar, so there's another thing that will have to go on my shopping list, whether it's on sale or not. Cheese has grown frightfully expensive in recent years. Many cuts of beef are actually cheaper than cheese now. This would never have happened in Wallace and Gromit's time.

The first day of wind was less intense than I'd expected, though I hear it was stronger on the west side of the valley. That pattern will probably continue today. So far only two small fires have started in the region, both contained pretty quickly. The only big, uncontained fire in the state right now is way down in San Diego County. We have to keep an eye out here though. The windy conditions are expected to continue into Tuesday evening, and they are drying the place out fast.

And if fires aren't enough, there was a small earthquake in Chico Sunday morning, but I slept through it. The epicenter was only about two miles from my apartment. I probably wouldn't have noticed it even if I had been awake. The large diurnal temperature range makes this building creak a lot as it heats up in the late morning and again as it cools off in the late evening, and I'd probably have thought the earthquake was merely that.

Once again I'm still awake when the sky is turning light. This is getting tedious. If it keeps up I could end up waking at dusk, which would not be good at all. There are enough not good things going on without adding more.

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