rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Twenty-Nine

I actually can't remember what time I woke up Wednesday afternoon. It was rather late, but not as late as it has been on a few recent days. I'll guess it was around two o'clock. It doesn't really matter, since I don't remember what happened after that either. Perhaps I just wasn't paying attention. Now it appears to be pretty late, as I lost track of time again. The last few days have been near chaos, though nothing much has happened other than the clock inside my head bouncing around. Maybe something non-chaotic will appear soon. If not it's going to be more of this crap. The sun is just about up. I should be asleep, but my brain feels like it's ready for a marathon. It will just have to do it without my body, because that's going to bed now, sleep or not. It's exhausted.

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