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Reset Nineteen, Day Twenty-Eight [Apr. 28th, 2021|04:57 am]
Tuesday afternoon the shortage of sleep caught up with me, and I napped from about one o'clock in the afternoon until five o'clock. After that it was the usual wandering around in a daze, Internetting, and deciding what to fix for dinner, then fixing it, then eating, then regretting eating that. Since I brought the wheelie bin back from the street I don't consider the day a complete loss, but the part I must admit I enjoyed most was being asleep. I know this not because I remember what it was like being asleep, which I don't, but because I regretted being awake the minute I was. Waking up made me so sad that I knew that the sleep must have been amazing. I should do more of it. I think I'll go do more of it right now.