rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Twenty-Six

Sunday's rain storm grew quite fierce at times, but sadly I slept through most of it. At one point in the early afternoon the rain pounded on the roof so hard that it woke me up, but I was still so tired that I didn't get up to look outside. I thought about it, but after a few minutes the rain eased up and I decided it wasn't worth the trouble, so I went back to sleep.

In the end I didn't get up until the disgraceful hour of half past four. That was when the clouds began to break up and occasional shafts of sunlight turned the window blinds bright. There was still some rain ahead, though, and around sunset we got several minutes of thunder and lightning, but none of it was too close and the power never went out. For the last few hours it has ben very quiet, and I haven't even seen any sprinkles.

There could be some showers today, but for now there aren't many clouds. The waxing gibbous moon is bright, and the air is quite cold, headed down to 41 degrees. The furnace has come on three times so far tonight, and will probably continue to do so into Tuesday morning. After that I might not hear from it again until autumn. There's no telling when I might need to use the air conditioner. I hope it isn't until June, even though May could turn hot. As long as nights remain cool enough, I can manage the indoor temperature by opening windows and using the fan at night.

Another shopping trip will be necessary early in May. I'm thinking maybe as early as Monday the third, maybe Friday the seventh, or Monday the tenth at the latest. It will depend on what the stores have on sale. Whenever I go the day is sure to be hot. That's all there is coming up starting this Wednesday. Not much spring this year. Pity.

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