rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Twenty-Three

It's cooling off for a while, thank goodness. Today will be only 78 degrees, and Saturday only 68. Rain is almost a certainty Sunday, but unfortunately the storm is bringing thunder and lightning (very very frightening— in April.) If the rain is heavy enough it will reduce the chances of any big fires getting started, but if the rain is inadequate we could be a the start of a very bad wildfire season. Although Sunday is expected to only get up to 57 degrees, the days will start warming again Monday, and by Wednesday we'll be back up to 85. The respite is so brief.

Thursday was less abominable that I'd feared it would be when trying to get to sleep as the light was growing around the edges of the bedroom blinds. My stomach behaved itself as well as it ever does anymore, but I still babied it with soup for dinner and a bowl of popcorn more recently, and no beer all day. Today I will attempt something a bit more robust. When the cool weather is well underway I intent to eat something baked, perhaps for the last time until next fall. I I'm feeling up to it it will be lasagna.

I believe I found the source of the mini-flies I've been plagued with over the last several days. As I'd feared, I'd left a bit of fruit in a bag I lost track of, and it had rotted away. When I found the bag and opened it a mass of the little flies came out of it. I've tossed bag and fruit remains into the wheelie bin, and hope that the flies will die off within a few days at most. The bit of rotted fruit was surely their breeding ground, and I don't think there's anywhere else in the apartment that they'd be likely to deposit another generation of eggs. The odd things is that the fruit didn't smell like rotting fruit. If it had I'd certainly have discovered it sooner and avoided several days of annoyance.

Sadly, I'll be down to my last donut today, so will be back to eating cookies for breakfast Saturday. I suppose I could ask my niece to bring a couple of boxes, but I hate to bother her (she lives on the far side of town, beyond the college) for something so trivial. I'll be needing to go out to the bank in a little over a week to shift some funds around, unless the stimulus check has been deposited, which would allow me to put that off for another month. Eventually, I'll get more donuts, in any case. But I do wish there was a donut shop at the near end of the shopping center instead of beyond the other side of it, over a half mile away. A nearby source of tasty fried dough might actually lure me from my torpor and get me to strain my ingrown toenail to fetch some once a week or so.

The late is sneaking up on me again. I need to get into the bed and unwind a bit before I sleep. The light is much too bright in here, but I can't read the keyboard without the ceiling light on anymore. Aging is annoying.

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