rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Twenty-One

Tuesday brought an afternoon surprise. The sky clouded up and for an hour or so there were occasional fat drops of rain falling. The drops dried soon after hitting the ground, and there were never enough of them to make the pavement shiny, but it was nice to feel them when they hit my head. They were very cool and refreshing. I didn't hear any thunder, and haven't heard anything about lightning or about fires being started, so maybe the mini-storm was not electrical.

The white flowers on the bush that wants to devour my back fence are starting to turn brown and the yard is littered with petals, which I inevitably track back into the apartment every time I go out. It will be daily sweeping until the bush drops the last of them, which will probably be in a couple more weeks at the earliest. It is also necessary to dump petals, leaves, and unopened or partly opened buds out of my chair every time I go out. Tuesday afternoon I trimmed a few more of the branches that were hinging down and grabbing my hair when I tried to sit. I'll probably have to trim more of them before long. The plant grows fast.

I spent much of the afternoon and evening watching YouTube videos, mostly by English Beat, General Public, and New Order. Stuff from the eighties. Stuff that should have been the sound track to what should have been my life. It seems curiously out of place here, but I can make here go away (or at least seem to) for a while while I'm listening to it.

Alas that music lacks the ability to make my stomach go away, or at least stop giving me a bad time. It has been alternately aching and queasing on me for most of the last several hours. I recently put some wheat toast in it, and it feels a bit better, so I'm guessing I haven't developed a gluten intolerance. It's probably just an ulcer, or cancer, or something like that. I'm 99% sure it won't kill me this week, so I won't worry about it anywhere near as much as I'll complain about it.

Since I was awake by half past one Tuesday afternoon there's a good chance I'll be able to get to sleep before the sun come up today. I've failed at that more often than I've succeeded of late, so I am ready for a change. But I should start winding down immediately. Good night, Internets.

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