rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Nineteen

Waking late on a hot Sunday, the parking lot empty, everyone gone, I play videos loud and drink from ice-tinkling glass some rum and Squirt, not wanting cola to keep me awake. I might as well have had the Coke, it's after four in the morning now and I'm still awake anyway, with no indication that I'll get tired anytime soon. It's not the beachy life I once imagined might be, but it's as unscheduled and erratic, and if for a moment I can ignore the confinement and age it sort of resembles that fantasy.

It was always fantasy never a plan. That's what this place is about— random chance waylaying the unorganized. But somebody planned everything around here, and that didn't turn out especially impressive. In the end, I suspect, there is little difference between random chance and plans gone awry, which they tend to do, or even half-assed plans fulfilled. Or I'm rationalizing failure. Whatever, dude.

It's supposed to be another hot day today, but not quite as hot as was originally predicted. It's only going to be 88 degrees. 88 is the number of keys on a piano. A good omen? Also, according to some sources, it's the number of calories in the average banana. Are you on a diet or are you just happy to see me? There was also once a model of Oldsmobile called the Rocket 88. I wonder if Mae West ever drove one?

My brain is going seriously random on me. It feels a bit like a Keystone Cops chase scene is going on inside my skull. I keep waiting for the inevitable crash. Something will fall apart and we'll all get a good laugh. Nobody ever dies in Mack Sennett's movies. Reality has its own ideas though. At some point the random will make me do something stupid and I'll somehow end up the first person to decapitate himself with a clothespin, or something equally stupid and improbable. But maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Anyway. The one surprise in the weather forecast is the possibility of rain showers next Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. That would be good news if it was actually likely, but more likely we will just get one of those spring electrical storms that will start a bunch of fires and then the region will be hell's anteroom for the next six months. But if we get an inferno, at least we'll have three cool days first. During the hot season in the central valley we always like to look on the shady side of life.

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