rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Seventeen

Friday was not memorable. Though I didn't wake up until near noon, that was only about six hours of sleep, and around sunset I felt very tired and almost took a nap, but decided to push through and wait until after midnight. That meant I didn't feel like cooking dinner, and I ended up waiting until much later when I just had some peanut butter and orange marmalade on toast, with a glass of chocolate milk. A kid's lunch instead of an adult dinner was probably not the best idea, but it's too late to second guess myself mow.

It's late indeed, going on six o'clock. I'm not sure how well I'll sleep today, since the high is going to be 85 degrees, and the apartment will probably get too warm around noon. Sometimes when it gets too warm I can just imagine myself lazing on the beach and that sometimes lets me return to sleep, but it doesn't always work. Odds are I'll end up short of sleep again today and end up needing a nap this evening. The high was earlier predicted to be 90 today, but that has been postponed until Sunday, with Monday added for good (or bad) measure. Displeasure will inevitably ensue.

The lizard made no appearance Friday, but the mockingbird was singing off and on all afternoon, and several times overnight. It might be trying to attract a mate. I don't know that much about mockingbird behavior. I'm glad to have it around though. It's a nice distraction from the general monotony, and a much more pleasant one than the occasional noise generated by the car fans who are still having their gatherings in the old Kmart parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights. Impromptu drag strips don't make the best neighbors.

As warm as the days have become, the nights have remained blessedly cool for now, and once the freeway calms down at night it is pleasant enough to sit in the back yard, missing the stars. The waxing crescent moon was visible for a while, in its springtime grin configuration, but even that has grown blurry to my failing eyes. Even if the sky here were dark enough to reveal stars, they'd be blurry too. I've pretty much resigned myself to never seeing actual starry sky again, and will content myself with photographs and the occasional glance at a Van Gogh in digital form. And maybe some day (or night) I'll find myself dreaming of the night sky as I used to see it, and maybe I'll even remember it when I wake up. Maybe it will be today. The prospect might help me get to sleep now.

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