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Reset Nineteen, Day Fifteen [Apr. 15th, 2021|04:08 am]
Wednesday went quite pear-shaped. After waking up about five o'clock in the morning, I muddled through the morning and then hit a wall around half past two in the afternoon. I went to take a nap that ended up lasting until eight o'clock in the evening. That made a total of around twelve hours of sleep since eleven o'clock Tuesday evening. I woke from the second sleep with the feeling that I'd been having very strange dreams, but couldn't remember any details from them.

Though somewhat less muddled that the period between the two sleeps, I still didn't feel effectively brained in the evening, so I didn't attempt to do ay significant cooking for dinner. I just made a grilled cheese sandwich, which proved adequate. More recently, a bowl of popcorn served as a near-bedtime snack. I don't feel extremely sleepy, but if I read for a while I might drop off before dawn.

I was outside a while ago and the mockingbird was down the bike path singing. I wonder what he has to be so cheerful about in the middle of the night? Can I get some of that?