rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day Six

Monday was nothing to write home about, for those who have homes and aren't in them. I suppose I'm apartmented and in it, but not exactly at home, and not exactly away, so it's irrelevant to me, and too confusing to figure out anyway. Just say Monday was unimpressive. The weather continues to be mild, and the pollen continues to blow about, and my head feels like it has more stuff in it than it can hold, but aside from that things are just... also unimpressive. I've not been getting to sleep on time recently, and then I'm getting up after two o'clock in the afternoon, and none of this is conducive to a feeling of well-being. April, so far, is bleh.

Toward evening Monday I sat in the yard for a while just listening to the random sounds. It was quite an array. Someone was using a power mower somewhere beyond the bike path, and the cars and trucks were rumbling along the freeway, and a few birds were twittering, and a few car doors closed, sometimes followed by a brief horn honk as the cars were locked by those remote control devices they have now, and a few bikes and pedestrians passed along the bike path, two holding conversations on cellphones, and one listening to music I could not hear, though I heard him singing along with it. One of the other tenants rolled a wheelie bin out to the street, and on the through street in the other direction from the freeway a sudden squeal of brakes indicated an averted collision. A low-flying helicopter passed overhead, and I went back indoors. The mini-metropolis is a noisy place.

It's not as noisy at night, and right now it's pretty quiet outside. It won't be for long. The morning commute is soon to begin. I probably won't be asleep yet when it does, if recent days are any indication. I'm thinking Tuesday will be as unimpressive as Monday, but warmer. At least it won't be as warm as next week, when the highs are now predicted to be in the eighties. Oh, summer, don't be in such a rush to get here. This is a dull place. You should go to Florida instead.

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