rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nineteen, Day One

After a substantial dinner Wednesday evening (including TWO vegetables) I sat around trying to remember something. When I woke up that morning I had a dream fragment in my mind. It was me waiting for the school bus. I was the age I am now, but none of the kids waiting with me seemed to notice. That brief scene was all that remained of the dream, but it got me thinking off and on all day about the bus rides I took most weekdays of my life from the time I was four until I was seventeen. It turns out I can't recall much more of them than I could of the dream.

Specifically, I can't remember most of the routes the busses took. I remember fragments of them, and a number of specific moments on board them, but that's all. It seems strange to me that I would forget details of something I did so frequently, when I recall in full detail the routes of the local commercial bus lines we rode far less often. Of course the commercial lines had the same routes the entire time, while the school bus routes varied from school to school and sometimes even from year to year, but still I'm sure I rode each of those school bus routes more times than I rode any one of the commercial routes. Maybe it's because I was distracted on the school bus, as there were always other kids to talk to, while on the commercial bus there wasn't much to do but watch the passing scene. Anyway, it annoys me that I can't remember. If I'd known I was going to get this nostalgic (and bored) in my old age, I'd have paid closer attention.

This might be the night the furnace doesn't come on at all. The high Wednesday was in the high seventies, and today is supposed to get up to 83. The mini-heat wave will only last a few days, and then we'll get back down into more reasonable spring temperatures in the seventies and even the high sixties, with nights down into the forties, so I'm sure the furnace isn't done for the year, but it might not be back on until Friday night. Sadly, the rain that was tentatively predicted for next week has vanished from the forecast. It was too good to be true. Still, it might return. April is never entirely predictable.

For the last hour or so I've been watching Wang Chung videos. I have to switch to something quieter, if I expect to get to sleep tonight. For some reason I've been a bit hyper all day. Images of the beach have been popping into my head. It's been over thirty years since I've seen the ocean. If I think about that long enough I can probably work myself back into sadness, and quit being so hyper. Or risk being sad and hyper at the same time. Maybe I'll just leave it alone.

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