rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Out

So four weeks and one day after my previous excursion, I went out to visit the ATM at my bank, and buy some stuff at some stores, and found it not entirely exhausting, though still a PIA. My stomach has not been feeling good for the last couple of weeks, and there's a good chance this is diet related (or an ulcer, or a tumor, or some other heinous thing my hypochondria suggests, but since there would be nothing I could do about those things I'm going to act as though it were diet-related, which it probably is) so I bought a few more fruits and vegetables and fewer items of tasty junk foods that I usually do.

Part of this change was unintentional, though, as both of the markets I went to were entirely out of my brand of donuts, so I didn't get those. I did buy substitute donuts, but they are of a sort that go stale quicker than my usual donuts so I had to buy fewer of them. The stores were also almost completely cleaned out of ramen bowls, and then I totally forgot to buy mushrooms, so the day was not entirely successful. I've probably forgotten other things, but won't discover what they were until I need them. I also got light bulbs.

But hey, asparagus and broccoli crowns, and avocados and oranges, and mango, and tomatoes and lettuce, and other stuff I'll remember when I look in the refrigerator again, though I'm not going to do that right now. Right now I'm going to go to bed, since I've been awake since noon and had a long day with no nap. The weather was quite pleasant, and after I got home there was even a bit of time left to sit in the backyard before the evening chills set in. The sneezing was only moderate, and anyway I got four more packages of tissues so I can deal with the runny nose. Not too bad. Now I can get back to my boring ordinary for a few more weeks. Unless that tumor in my stomach kills me, of course.

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