rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eighteen, Day Twenty-Eight

Monday night the freeway traffic diminished earlier than usual. It was pleasant to sit in the almost-balmy evening air and listen to the almost-quiet. The loudest traffic over the course of several minutes was a pair of skateboarders riding along the bike path, and they passed by quickly. For the mini-metropolis, it seemed quite placid. I didn't even hear anybody racing along the nearby avenue. It would be nice if it could be like that all the time.

I got up at noon, drank my grapefruit juice-lemonade substitute for the orange juice I've run out of, then had some iced tea and the pair of cookies I'm using a substitute for the donuts I've run out of, and then pretty much skipped eating for the next few hours as I wasn't feeling very well. That's happening more often these days. My stomach no longer approves of me. I can't blame it. I'm bad at giving myself a decent diet. I finally felt hungry again around eleven o'clock and made a grilled cheese sandwich. So far it hasn't brought any complaints.

Despite feeling crappy I made arrangements to go to the bank and a couple of stores this afternoon. I had planned on putting this off until next week, when the stores will be featuring Easter related items and I might be able to pickup some interesting baked goods, but I really miss the orange juice and the donuts, plus there are a couple of good deals among this weeks sale items, so I decided to get it over with. If I don't feel well this afternoon I can always cancel.

I hope to get to sleep by four o'clock this morning, and to help myself relax I've been listening to this recording from last year of Yefim Bronfman playing Debussy's Claire de Lune. It's one of the best I've ever heard. He really makes it shimmer. The moon is only one night past the full right now, so it's good timing.


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