rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eighteen, Day Twenty-Seven

Sunday made three days in a row with fresh air in the apartment. The furnace is still coming on, but not until very late. Sunday it wasn't until almost five o'clock in the morning, shortly before I went to sleep. I don't now how many times it cycled while I slept, but probably not very many. I woke up around eleven o-clock and didn't hear it for the next hour, during which I was trying to get back to sleep, or after noon, when I finally gave up on sleeping and got out of bed. It hasn't been on since, and it's still 71 degrees in here.

Naturally, with the windows open all afternoon I've been sneezing quite a bit, but I've resigned myself to it. I'm not sure what to expect today as it is supposed to get windy. That might either dislodge a lot of pollen and make me sneeze more, or it might just blow much of it skyward so I'll sneeze less. Either way, the air itself should be pleasant enough, being a mere 71 degrees. After today it starts getting hot, with highs in the eighties later this week. Cool spring might not be entirely over, though, as next week we will get back into the sixties, and might even get some April showers next Monday and Tuesday.

In the meantime there could be lethargy. There was lethargy Sunday. I had planned to call my niece to see about going to a couple of stores today, but kept getting drowsy, nodding off and forgetting what I was doing, and then it got too late to call. I might arrange something for Tuesday.

But tonight I got the first nocturnal mockingbird concert of the year. I went outside just after midnight and no sooner had I sat down than the bird began singing from somewhere along my back fence. Then I heard a second mockingbird answer, from a short way down the bike path. They didn't sing for very long, but perhaps there is mockingbird romance in the air. Maybe they will nest nearby and I'll have multiple mockingbirds before summer is over. Since I never get frogs here, that would be a nice substitute. I miss those frogs.

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