rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eighteen, Day Eleven

Friday was very exhausting, considering the fact that I did little other than sit around waiting, and then put some groceries away. I got everything on my list this time— a bit more than I expected of some, a bit less of a couple of others, and not precisely the right version of a couple of others, but still everything on the list is now stored away in one form or another. The waiting and storing, which took place after insufficient sleep, was sufficiently draining that I ended up going to sleep not long after nightfall and then waking up a bit before midnight. I didn't feel up to fixing dinner either before or after sleeping, so an hour or so ago I just ate a couple of chunks of Irish soda bread. That was less a dinner than it was a dessert, of course, but there was butter on it so I'm counting it as a meal.

The 12 pack of Guinness is no the extra stout which I prefer, but the draught, which I am convinced is watered down for American tastes, and also seems to be adulterated with something that makes the head last longer. I'd rather have the real stout than the head, but the stores always seem to runout of the real stuff before I can get it. I'll make do, though suffering some regret. Tonight, if I can get my act together, I will be having a traditional Irish American St. Patrick's Day meal. I'll probably drink some Sierra Nevada Porter with it instead of the Guinness draught, though. It's better.

Today is expected to be slightly cooler than balmy Friday was, but rain Sunday afternoon is now a near-certainty. Spring is trying its best not to be dull. I'm okay with that. The variety partly makes up for the damned pollen, which might be another reason I ended up exhausted Friday. Sneezing that much takes a lot of energy. I've even been sneezing tonight, which is wearing me out, so I think I'm going to see if I can go back to sleep. I probably shouldn't eat any chocolate tonight, since that soda bread was pretty sweet. Don't want to go over my daily sugar ration. I'll just munch a few plain almonds. A bit of extra protein is a good idea after a dinnerless day.

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