rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eighteen, Day Eight

Although I didn't wake up to a rainstorm Tuesday, we did get rain later, and a shiny world of reflected lights as dusk fell. After a half hour or so of fairly heavy rain it quieted down, and then gradually tapered off to occasional sprinkles over the next few hours. They still fall now and then, but it's been pretty quiet out there since midnight or so. The excitement is probably over, though spring storms here do sometimes have a brief but vigorous coda. The forecast actually predicts an 80% chance of rain today, with half an inch likely, but it doesn't take long for half an inch to fall in a California storm. The forecasts are often wrong anyway.

Somehow it's gotten very late again. Thankfully I don't want a bedtime snack tonight (aka this morning), as dinner was fairly large. I can just go to bed, and maybe get to sleep before it gets too bright outside. There's still an overcast, so the sun ought to be slow to intrude. I think I kind of need to sleep since I got no nap Tuesday. I can't think of anything to write anyway. There might be a weird dream waiting for me.

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