rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eighteen, Day Four

Friday I didn't feel too well again, so I didn't do much. If anyone wonders how this differs from most other days, I'm sure I couldn't tell you. Seldom do I do much anymore. Because I was feeling queasy I had a simple lunch of avocado on crackers. The avocado was quite good. I have two more, which I'll have to get to quickly if they are not to get overripe. I was going to skip dinner and have a nap, but late in the evening the wind came up, and then we got a surprise rain.

The rain only lasted a half an hour or so, and never became especially fierce, but it got everything wet and it sounded nice, and even better it smelled good. In fact it improved my disposition enough that I fixed some dinner after all, with some wild mushroom and herb rice pilaf and a few more spears from that bunch of asparagus I bought Monday. It turned out perfect, which is such a rarity that I must consider the possibility that it was an omen of my impending death, as it would be an excellent last meal.

If I don't die, I might see some sunlight later today, but it's going to be fairly cool despite that. There is actually no day above 67 in the long range forecast, and several days that will stay in the fifties, so winter is making at least some effort to resist an early spring. I might even get some temporary relief from the allergies that have recently plagued me. Thankful for small favors. For now, I'm hoping I get some decent sleep tonight, and wake up feeling better than I did Friday. Maybe we'll get a bit more rain to play a lullaby. It's too bad we don't get frogs here.

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