rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eighteen, Day Two

It seems like years since I was last out of this apartment, but it was actually Monday. How time doesn't fly! Time has been grounded. It's on the no-fly list due to suspected terrorist sympathies. Now it just mopes around and doesn't go anywhere. Just like me. We've been hanging out in this dull place, doing nothing, and it just seems to be lasting forever. How many YouTube videos do you suppose a person can watch before they slip into a coma? I might soon find out.

Once again I forgot to open the apartment windows and turn on the fan to gather some of that mild, fresh air the day (Wednesday) brought. Maybe that's why time seems to drag. My brain is short of oxygen. Perhaps the shortage of oxygen is why I only fixed a sandwich for dinner again. I don't know what could explain why just a while ago I suddenly decided that I needed breakfast before going to bed, or why I decided that the breakfast I should make was a ramen bowl. It's entirely possible that I've gone insane without realizing it. It's entirely possible that this happened years and years ago.

I should probably sleep, if that's possible. My brain is feeling overactive at the moment, and this is not a good moment for that. It's never a good moment for that, really, but this moment is particularly inauspicious. The sun surely has plans to rise rather soon, and there's nothing I can do to change that. The sun is bigger than me, and a bully to boot. Once he shows up it gets much more difficult to get to sleep. I was hoping the pre-bed breakfast would make me a bit logy, but that hasn't happened. Perhaps I ought to have just started drinking until I passed out. Well, too late now. Or is it ever too late? Who knows? Not I.

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