rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eighteen, Day One

Tuesday I sort of slept well. At least I don't recall waking up multiple times as I usually do, and I slept for about seven hours, which was sufficient if not ideal, and I haven't felt any need for a nap since rising. However, I did find my legs terribly sore when I woke up, and I don't know if that was due to the unaccustomed exercise I got Monday or a reaction to my excessive consumption of sugar that day. It took several minutes of walking about the apartment before I began feeling vaguely normal. I hope that won't become a thing. It was not enjoyable.

Tuesday was, as predicted, quite balmy, but I forgot to open my windows or turn on the fan and air out the apartment. I thought about it a couple of times, but my mind wandered each time and I never got around to doing it. One distraction was the departure of a jet from the airport, while I was sitting in the backyard, which took my mind back to last summer when the water carrying planes were flying frequently. By the time I got back indoors the thought of opening the windows had completely left my mind. Later, I was intending to get up and turn on the fan but got a spam phone call which distracted me. The next time getting windows open occurred to me I was in the middle of fixing my late lunch, and by the time I'd finished the task the thought had once again vanished. After that it was just too late in the day, as the air had become too cool. Ah, well. It's supposed to get up to 72 degrees today, so I'll get another shot at it.

In long-range forecast news, there could be a thunderstorm a week from today. Thunderstorms can be very bad news this time of year, especially when it has been so dry. Many of last summer's numerous wildfires were started by a thunderstorm. We certainly don't want fire season to get underway in March. March can get windy. In fact the whole of this week could get pretty windy. Happier news is that I successfully fixed a near-decent meal for dinner, and the asparagus I bought Monday turned out to be excellent. I now wish I'd bought two bunches instead of just one.

There was something else I was going to write about, but I got distracted washing dishes and now I've forgotten. Maybe I'll get to sleep a bit earlier tonight than I did last night. I'm going to skip the chocolate again tonight too, as I had more cake for dessert. The cake probably has at least five times the sugar of the chocolate, so it's not a full offset, but every little bit helps. The cake is really good, but I look forward to it being gone.

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