rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Out

The first day of March found me venturing forth to acquire victuals and such from various merchants of the mini-metropolis, and to mail a check to the public utility company that was in large part responsible for putting me here. It was, as usual, a fairly exhausting trek, and as usual I failed to find all of the items I had sought, but I purchased enough of them that I will most likely endure the next few weeks without great want. Perhaps the most distressing outcome so far is the fact that I bought far too much stuff with sugar in it, and some of that stuff has a fairly short shelf life, so I'll be overdosing on the sweets for the next several days.

The excess sugar is largely the result of a couple of ill-advised impulse buys. One store had a deal on its bakery cinnamon rolls, which I was unable to resist, and another, where I had intended to buy only a cupcake, was out of the cupcakes I wanted but had full sized cakes at a surprisingly low price. Now I've got an entire cake to eat, and my refrigerator is crammed so there's no room for it in there, so it will have to be devoured fairly soon. I should probably forego my nightly bit of chocolate until the cake is gone.

Naturally, after spending over an hour wandering through supermarkets in my nearly blind state, then carting home multiple bags of goods and finding places to put them, I didn't feel like cooking anything for dinner so I just made a sandwich. There was cake for dessert, of course. I will add that Clausen's makes a very nice pickle, which was my uncooked vegetable of choice to accompany the sandwich. I usually buy cheaper brands, but Clausen's were on sale so I got a jar of kosher dills, and now I fear I will be spoiled.

The day was quite mild, and it was pleasant enough being out despite the heavy traffic and the onerous chores. It was the first time I've been out in ages without a hoodie under my jacket. Downright liberating, it was. Today is supposed to get up to 73 degrees, which is even warmer than Monday was. There will be open windows this afternoon, if I remember them. But there is a chance of rain starting on Saturday, though probably not very much rain. It's looking more and more like the fairly dry winter will be followed by a fairly dry spring.

Now that the adventure, such as it was, is over, I have no idea what the next few weeks will bring. More of the same is most likely, but one never knows. Days will just follow one another until they don't, I guess. Right now I'm just going to go to sleep. If I wake up again I'll find out what's next.

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