rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Seventeen, Day Twenty

Arrangements have been made to either go shopping or have some foods picked up for me this afternoon. It will depend on how I feel about going when the time gets here. I didn't feel especially good Sunday, but perhaps today will be better. It would be best if I can go myself, as I usually have to do a bit of triage and a bit of substitution in the stores, but if I don't feel up to going I'll just have to make sure my list is very clear and thorough.

I'm a bit surprised I didn't take a nap Sunday evening, as I woke up short of sleep by about two hours. For some reason I just didn't feel sleepy all evening, but it's catching up with me now and I'll have to go to bed momentarily. There's lots of stuff to do with regard to list making and such, but it will have to wait. I need to get enough sleep tonight (or today and wake up at a decent time (also today.) It's very confusing to my shrinking brain, which just wants to sit here listening to music. But February is over and time is rushing (I mustn't say Marching) (oh dammit) on. It's a wonder I ever get anything done at all, little though that is.

Yawning and sneezing at the same time is unpleasant. I hate pollen season. Must sleep.

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