rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Seventeen, Day Sixteen

No nap Wednesday evening, because I slept the middle of the day away and got up at half past two. I might actually get to sleep before five o'clock this morning. I don't expect I'll sleep well, as I rarely sleep well anymore, but at least I'll probably sleep. Weirdness is likely to ensue, as weirdness tends to do that these days, and anything beyond the current moment has become unpredictable, but it seems nothing can be done about that. Just get used to surprises.

Dinner involved the other half of the big can of beans I ate part of a couple of nights ago, and I discovered that I don't like beans as much as I once did. Or maybe it's not the beans themselves, but the way in which they are prepared by the companies that can them. Flavors don't seem to be the same as they once were. They seem sweeter, and it's not an improvement. Perhaps all the spicy ramen I've been eating has spoiled me for less intense flavors.

Thank goodness nothing has spoiled me for popcorn, or the butter I put on it. That's the bedtime snack I'm eating right now (licks butter from fingers so the keyboard won't get greasy.) The popcorn is not spicy of course, but I still haven't gotten tired of it. And it brings a bonus, in that the smell of it conjures up the image of a movie theater. Movie theaters were probably my favorite places when I was a kid, and I miss them, but movie theaters now seem to me like those canned beans— they just aren't the same anymore, nor are the movies they show in them. If Chico still had a big old movie theater that showed double features of old movies at a reasonable price I might make the effort to go to it now and then, but damned if I'll sit through twenty minutes of advertising in the bland, cheesy multiplex in the plaza just to see a single feature that I probably won't like anyway, plus pay fifteen bucks for a popcorn with fake "butter flavoring" and a soda. (Okay, boomer.)

Anyway. Wednesday was chilly, and it's actually quite cold out tonight, but this is not a harbinger of winter's return. The days are warming again, and a short way down the bike path from my back yard I can see two trees that are flowering. That's probably where a lot of the pollen that is making me sneeze is coming from. Spring might not be here, but it's certainly on the way, and not wasting any time. I wonder if it will make me eager to go out again? Maybe a little bit, but probably not eager enough to actually do it.

Oops. I forgot to hit the post button. This has been sitting here for an hour. It's because I'm post-memory. Maybe I'm post-modern. Maybe I'll go to sleep and dream about Post Malone. Maybe I'll wake up and find that the post office has delivered something to me. Emily Post would surely disapprove of my maundering. Do they still make Post Toasties?


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