rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Seventeen, Day Seven

Monday we got some sunshine, but not a whole lot, and in the evening we got some sprinkles, but not the good kind that go on cupcakes. The wet kind that soak your outdoor canvass chair you forgot to bring in last time you used it. It would have been a nice afternoon for tea and cookies, if I'd remembered to make tea, and if I'd had any cookies to spare. They would have gone well with the Rachmaninoff I found in a Facebook post from the Pasadena Symphony. It was Inon Barnatan's arrangement for solo piano of the "Symphonic Dances." They streamed it Saturday, when I missed it, but there was an encore available today. It was quite good, but I have no idea what else to say about it. At one time I'd have known.

The only rain in the forecast is the possibility of showers Thursday and Friday. I won't count on them. More disturbing is the predicted high of 72 next Monday and Tuesday. I probably shouldn't count on that either, though if it does happen at least I'll have a chance to air out the apartment. Still, such a warm February does not bode well for the rest of the year. It would be nice not to have a drought and a torrid summer, but it's looking more and more like that's what we'll get.

Dinner was at nine o'clock, and now I want some sort of snack, but I don't know what to eat. Nothing I have on hand really appeals to me. What I keep thinking of is corn on the cob, but it's out of season. A slice of casaba would also be nice, but also out of season. The weather is a lot like spring, but the produce isn't. I haven't heard many trains going by recently, and I think it's because nothing is being harvested right now. I think I'm going to have to settle for my usual bit of bedtime chocolate. I should be getting to sleep anyway, since there's been no nap tonight. Maybe I'll ream of fresh, sweet, succulent corn.

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