rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Seventeen, Day Six

Sunday remained gray throughout, and in the evening the gray got wet again, though it remained mostly a fine mist with a few sprinkles. At some point I can no longer remember I went back to sleep, even though I'd gotten up rather late. Dinner had been put off, so I ended up with a sandwich sometime after midnight. It's all a blur.

Also a blur is the light when I go outside. The various streetlamps and porch lights are indistinct, and their reflections in the rainwet pavement even blurrier. If I take my glasses off the blur develops oddly sharp looking starbursts around all the lights.

My memories are also blurred. I still can't remember details of much of the past, even when I try to concentrate on specific events, and even the vague impressions I get can't connect to any words. Dementia is some weird shit.

There is likely to be more rain this morning, but then none again until until Thursday and Friday, and after that it will get springy warmish again. Nothing else makes sense, so why should the weather? I'm thinking about going to sleep again in a while. I keep yawning. It's kind of stuffy in here, but it's too cold to open a window and let fresh air in. I might bundle up and stand in the mist for a few minutes. The radar shows a band of heavy rain approaching, which ought to be here around five o'clock and last until eight. That will be a good time to be in bed.

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