rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Seventeen, Day Three

At some point Thursday evening I went to sleep, but I can't remember when it was. It was raining pretty heavily by that time, and I thought about getting up to go out and look at it, but was too comfy under the covers. The day had been damp but had brought no significant downpours. Then by the time I woke up again, after two o'clock this morning, the rain had ended. I'm a bit sad that I missed it, but then I'd have been sad anyway, so what the hell.

The sky is turning pale again, which seems to be its habitual behavior every morning about this time. I don't think anything can be done about it. The planet has its routine, just as I don't have mine, and we're just never going to be compatible again. I'm sure we both regret having gotten into this relationship, though I can't be sure of the planet's feelings as it never talks to me anymore. We should probably get counseling, but I doubt that will happen. In fact I expect that Earth will murder me soon. It's had enough of my nonsense.

I can't remember if I ate a piece of chocolate before going to sleep last night or not, but I'm craving one right now. I'll probably sleep more, too. The memory of the covers is pleasant. The chilly, grey morning light is not.

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