rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Sixty-Two

Though bi-partite, my sleep schedule Sunday arranged itself in a way that will probably allow my Monday shopping trip to take place with a minimum of fuss. Quite possibly I'll get to sleep in half an hour or so and then I'll do my bet not to get up to early Monday morning, so I'll be in decent shape for my afternoon excursion. Alarumless excursions are the best.

Two mild days in a row have been enough to get me sneezing again. I don't know what plant finds the slightest warming an excuse to start spewing pollen, but whichever one it is I wish it ill. The weather is going to get a bit cooler for a few days, so maybe it will go away.

Very tired again. I should get to bed before I become overtired.

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