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Reset Sixteen, Day Fifty-Eight [Feb. 4th, 2021|03:52 am]
Wednesday I once again slept the middle out of the day, this time from tenish until near three in the afternoon. Later, the internet told me there had been something going on along the bike trail that runs behind my apartment, and in the section I live along. Someone was found unconscious out there. The Internet didn't know the outcome yet, but there had been emergency vehicles out there. I wonder if it was one of the homeless people who sometimes take shelter under the bush that grows over my back fence? The incident happened in the hour before I woke up, and was over by the time I went out, so I don't know if it was immediately behind my apartment or not.

The rest of the day I continued not doing the things I'd intended to do. I haven't checked the supermarket ads for sales, and I haven't checked the department store web sites for clearance items. The clearance stuff is probably mostly cleared by now, but I will soon be getting stuff from the markets one way or another. Some key items are running low, and a few have been used up. A couple of hours of energy and lucidity to deal with all that would be nice.

The weather is warming again. Saturday is supposed to get up to 70 degrees. Chances of rain over the next ten days never get above 24%. That could change, of course, and I hope it does. The last couple of storms brought considerable snow to the mountains, but not enough. Each rainless day that passes brings this closer to being one of those years. Those years are no fun at all.

Odds of getting the right amount of the right kind of sleep today are not great, but I'll give it a shot. That's about all I've got tonight.