rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Fifty-Three

A phone call wake me up just after eight o'clock Friday morning, and things have been in disarray ever since. I couldn't deal with the business a that time, so an appointment was set up for early Monday afternoon, but it took much to long to do that so by the time the call ended I was nearly awake. I tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't and gave up after an hour or so, and began my day. My head didn't clear, so I didn't get much done, and then finally crashed that evening, but when I woke up with a sense of complete displacement around eleven o'clock that night I couldn't remember when I'd gone to sleep. I think I'll have to start putting the phone in airplane mode when I sleep, even though I'd risk missing emergency calls. I'm just too old to deal with disruptions to my sleep anymore.

Dinner had to wait until after midnight, and all I ate was a sandwich and some potato chips and a few slices of dill pickle. That is really summer food, but I have stuff to get rid of, and there will be two more such meals over the next few days. Today and tomorrow should be mostly dry and even bring a bit of sun, but Monday and Tuesday will probably be rainy again. There is enough damp in the soil that I suspect my yard will still smell wet through the weekend. There are some dead plants out there that I ought to be pulling up, though there are still a few shriveled berries that birds will eat. I'm sure the birds can do without them. There must be plenty of other stuff to eat around here. Oh, and there was a small squirrel in the yard today. I don't know what it was doing here, as I don't think there's any squirrel food out there. Maybe it was just curious.

I need to plan a shopping trip sometime in the next week or so. Since I won't been out in about two months, I don't know if I'll remember how to do it. It will probably come back to me once I get into the... uh, those places they sell stuff. I used to go in them all the time, though I never enjoyed it. I wonder if they still have those cart you push around and put stuff in? That part I didn't mind so much, as long as I didn't get one with crooked feet, or wheels, or whatever those things are. Gosh, the old days. It's hard to believe we ever lived like that.

Crap, there's light in the sky. I need to try to sleep again.

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