rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Fifty-One

Wednesday morning brought a bit of sunshine, but the clouds returned by the time I woke from an afternoon nap, and though the wind has died down there have been sprinkles almost continuously for the last several hours. More rain is a certainty today, and probably Friday morning, but things are placid at the moment, with a few raindrops rippling the dark puddles on the asphalt driveway, making the reflections of the streetlights waver. It would be almost romantic if I didn't know I was in Chico.

The streetlights are on, and have been all night. I'm a bit surprised we haven't had any power outages here, since so many parts of town have. A transformer blew up in the neighborhood just north of mine and they were blacked out for a couple of hours. Other parts of town, and other places around the county, have had outages lasting various lengths of time, but I guess we just got lucky. There have been outages in what is left of the mountain towns, too, related to some heavy snowfalls. If I were still in Paradise, I'd probably be shivering my ass off all night instead of being comfy and cozy under my electric blanket. Every horrific, unspeakable disaster has a silver lining, I suppose.

Although I didn't wake up until fairly late in the afternoon, I had no later nap and now I'm getting sleepy. That happens a lot now. I was going to make some hot cocoa and cinnamon toast, but I don't think I can keep my eyes open long enough. Getting old sort of a drag.

Oh, look, I forgot to post this entry an hour ago. Getting old is sort of a drag, even when it turns out you can keep your eyes open— for a hour, anyway.

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