rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Fifty

When the wind picked up Tuesday afternoon, and raindrops began slanting through the air, I started worrying that we might lose power, and thought maybe I should post a journal entry early, just in case. I didn't get around to doing that, but worried the whole time I was cooking dinner that the electricity would be lost before it was done and I'd be stuck with half-cooked food. As it turned out we never lost power, not even during the few hours before and after midnight when I slept, waking periodically to the roar of wind and the clatter of raindrops like shot hitting windows and roof. My digital electric clocks are not flashing 12:00, so we didn't even get a brief outage. I'm a bit surprised.

It was quieter after I woke up, but the rain still hasn't completely stopped, and now and then we still get strong gusts of wind that sound like jets passing overhead. That means we could still lose power, so I'll attempt brevity. The winter storm warning is in place through Friday morning, so this is far from over. So far I haven't seen any leaks in the ceiling, and there is no flooding outdoors, at least in this neighborhood. The only thing I could run out of, as long as the power stays on, is milk, which I'll run out of only if it goes sour (it's pretty old, but so far has held up.) I can just stay in and stay dry, unless it's raining when I have to check the mailbox. The box can leak, so I don't want to leave anything sitting in it.

As glad as I am that we're finally getting some significant rain, I haven't been particularly cheerful lately. There's always a morose quality to northern California's winter, even when it's being dramatic. It aggravates my own propensity to fall into dismal thoughts. It's more difficult to distract myself from them with only books and Internet. I miss the distraction of cable and cats. The mere near-collapse of civilization just can't do it for me.

I should sleep again.

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