rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Forty-Nine

Monday evening my nap lasted five hours, so I guess it was actually sleep, and the nap will come sometime today. It got very cold outside, and if the storm had arrived during the night there would probably have been snow. But the clouds still aren't here, and it looks like we'll have at least a few of hours of sunshine, so it's likely warm up enough that by the time the storm arrives it will bring nothing but rain to Chico. The forecast is still saying that parts of the northern valley could still get some snow today, or tonight, but the farthest south it's likely to fall is around Red Bluff.

Ever since I woke up around two o'clock this morning I've had a low grade headache, so I'm going to try sleeping some more. There might be enough of an overcast to keep the glare down in the bedroom. If I can et to sleep early enough, then it might not yet be raining when I get up, and I'll be able to go fetch the wheelie bin from the street without getting wet, and pick up any mail I might have before it gets soaked. It shouldn't be as cold tonight a it was last night, but the damp will probably aggravate it. It's expected to get windy, too. I'm glad I won't have to be outside.

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