rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Avoiding Myself

Pluots have at last reached our local Safeway. They are a cross between plums and apricots. I found them to be far more plum-like than apricotish. They are wet, like plums, and have the tough, tangy skin of plums, the color of plums, and a predominantly plum flavor. The apricot seems to have gotten lost in the genetic shuffle. I suppose the apricot's primary contribution is a greater sweetness than is typical of plums. Other than that, I'd say the pluot is a plum with an odd name. Good, though.

Again, I have spent the night trying to stay out of my own head. It is singularly uninteresting in there right now, so I've been watching television and reading, and thinking as little as possible.

The kid's cable channel called Noggin has been showing reruns of Daria. Watching the episode which they aired tonight, I realized that it had been bowdlerized. Two scenes that I remember being in the original run of the episode on MTV were missing. I found this most annoying. Oddly, some of the scenes that were shown were more "adult" than the scenes that were removed. Whoever is doing the editing is obviously an utter twit. Feh. Television.

The latest issue of National Geographic arrived today. There is a nice article on Meerkats, and a picture of a meerkat on the cover. Their claws are quite scary-looking, but they use them primarily to dig in the earth. One of the pictures in the magazine shows a group of seven meerkats standing in a group, all gazing intently in the same direction. They looked as though they might have been designed by Modigliani, if Modigliani had done incredibly cute.

Finally, springheel_jack has posted some very interesting early 20th century photographs, and made some interesting observations about them. Go look.

Addendum: The LJ client spell-check questions pluot, Safeway, Daria, meerkat and Modigliani. It may be right about Modigliani, but still unhelpful. It offered no correct spelling, though it did suggest that I might be looking for "oilcan." What the hell is that about?

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