rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Forty-Four

Wednesday was pretty much what I expected, being a bit cooler and occasionally cloudy, but dry. The weirdest thing was that there were seven fires burning in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties, south of San Francisco. Several fires got started on Monday and Tuesday when there was a lot of wind. We're not supposed to have wildfires in January. This is not Australia. But it's been so dry this winter that I guess it's not surprising. Fortunately the wind has died down and the fires haven't gotten too big, and containment was expected by today. Control won't be achieved until the weekend, though. Some rain is still a possibility here later in the week, but I don't know if it will fall that far south. The whole state could use some.

There was an actual cooked dinner again Wednesday night, and although making it was tiring, it was not utterly exhausting. I even got the dishes washed afterwards. I hope I can maintain the levels of energy needed to keep cooking for a few more nights. I need to make a dent in the supplies that are cramming the refrigerator. Right now stuff is too hard to reach. The beer even has a loaf of bread perched on top of it. Actually I'd make some cinnamon toast for a snack tonight, but I forgot to set out a cube of butter, and hard butter is a bother to spread.

My plans for the future haven't changed since yesterday, meaning there still are none. One thing I ought to be doing is checking the department store web sites for clearance sales. Last year I missed them all, and I was hoping to pick up a few items this year, but I keep forgetting until right around bedtime. Online shopping is something I need to provide a big block of time for. It always takes longer than I expect, and the more tired I get the more dumb things I'm likely to do. Shopping has that in common with life.

I didn't finish the Rushdie book last night after all. Maybe I'll do it tonight. Something about reading actual books relaxes me so much that I end up falling asleep too soon, even when the book is very interesting. It didn't used to be that way, but then I didn't used to be this old. And this is pretty damned old.

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