rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Thirty-Nine

The predicted high temperature for Sunday keeps inching up. Today's forecast has it at 75. It's the middle day of a three-day spring, all three days in the seventies. After that we've got three days in the sixties before we get back down to a more seasonable fifties and a few possible rain showers. I try to think of all the money I'm saving by not having the furnace going all day, but the thought of the dryness keeps spoiling it. If this keeps up or the rest of the winter, we are so screwed next summer.

It didn't get up into the seventies Friday, but it was uncomfortably close. The birds were delighted, and were in my back yard singing through the late afternoon. They had probably been there during the early afternoon as well, but I slept through that. I didn't wake up until three o'clock. For breakfast I finished of the last of the chocolate chip cookies, and today I will start in on the pecan shortbread, the last package I have on hand. The shopping list is growing.

Lethargy has thus far prevented me from thoroughly examining all the supermarket ads and making a list. I'm going to try to confine the shopping to one store this time, and I don't feel particularly good about even that. California's infection rate is currently about four times what it was during the September peak, and shows no signs of declining soon. While the worst of the outbreak is in the southern part of the state, it's bad enough in the north. I doubt that our mini-heatwave will do much to improve the situation.

One other weather related surprise has turned up. Monday and Tuesday are supposed to get very windy. There could be power outages, and it's been so dray so far this winter that there is still some risk of wildfire. There's nothing like getting an early start, I guess.

Thirty-Nine in the subject line has reminded me of The 39 Steps. I miss movies. Maybe someday I'll have cable again. And a flying horse.

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