rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Thirty-two

We're back to having cold nights, and chillier days. Saturday brought some sunshine, but quite a few clouds as well. The oddest thing in the forecast right now is a projected high of 70 on January 14. Except for a couple of warmish days around it, the rest of the month is looking like a fairly typical northern California winter, with the additional exception of the low probability of more rain. That is worrying. No rain means no snow, and no snow means a likely water shortage next summer. The stress of the last year is still with us, and the last thing we need is for 2021 to turn all dryly dickish on us.

The Internet sucked me right back in Friday, despite my vague plan to cut back on screen time. All those unread books I've got are going to reproach me, I'm sure. They won't be angry, of course, just very disappointed. I hate when books give me that look. It's like they are reading my mind, and giving me a bad review.

For some reason the freeway is being noisier than usual tonight. But then it is Friday night, I guess, and there are probably a lot of people going out of town. Not just this town, but the bigger ones farther south. It might be survivalists heading for their bunkers in the mountains or out in the deserts of eastern Oregon. I'm sure it isn't small town and rural folk heading of to a big weekend in San Francisco. Even if the place wasn't largely shut down, it's just too expensive there anymore.

I still haven't gotten around to making a list of things I need from the store, despite having spent so much time on the Internets today. And here I am still on the Internets as the night slips away. I ought to try to get some sleep. The blankets are very inviting, and they, at least, don't judge me.

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