rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Thirty-one

Needless to say that the cell phone battery failure prevented me from arranging to have some groceries dropped off earlier this week, but my niece came by today to see if I needed help with the cellphone problem not knowing that a nephew had already gone to pick up a battery, but she volunteered to make a run to the store for me. By that time I was already exhausted from the drama and could only remember three of the things I needed, so I now have fresh milk and bread and another six pack of my favorite beer, but I completely forgot orange juice and donuts. Ah, well. I think she'll be able to make another trip in a few days, which will give me time to check the store ads and make a new, longer list.

The last few hours I've spent catching up on the Internets and the world, and some of it made me sorry I got the Internets back. The first day without it had me very antsy, but the second day I settled in to reading a book, and it was quite pleasant. It made me realize that I probably spend too much time at this computer. There is something restful about turning the pages of a book.

Thursday was overcast all day, but not extremely cold. The forecast says there is a 99% chance of rain overnight, but so far we've had none. Odds are I'll be asleep when it comes, as it's been a long two days and I'm getting very tired. I don't think I'll even eat a second dinner (I had two sandwiches around five o'clock, after getting the fresh loaf of bread.) But tomorrow today is another day. I might make hot cereal for breakfast, since I still don't have donuts. For now, a chunk of chocolate will do.

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