rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Days Twenty-nine and Thirty

Stupid phone battery booted me of the Internet for two days. I knew I should have kept a spare one on hand, but neve got around to buying one. The phone was displaying the time when I picked it up Tuesday morning, but five minutes later when I tried to set up my wireless hotspot, there was nothing but a blank screen. I tried plugging the phone in with the USB cable, and still nothing. Without a phone, and not having any idea where I might find a pay phone, if any still exist around here, I had to wait until evening when I borrowed a phone from a neighbor as she returned from work.

I called my brother to see if someone could pick up a battery for me, since I had no idea where to get one, or means of getting there, but they were all busy until today. This evening a nephew brought battery over and installed it in the phone, so now I know what day it is. Seriously, I lost track. It was two days, but it seemed longer.

No television and no radio and no daily newspaper means the Internet is the only means I have of keeping up with the world. Now I'm catching up. It appears that a lot can happen in two days. Well, the old battery lasted for two years, so I guess the new battery should last for another two years. But I'm not so sure civilization will.

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