rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Twenty-eight

Although, or perhaps because, I got to sleep at a decent hour Sunday might, I woke up much too early Monday morning, and haven't been back to sleep since. The rain was still falling when I got up, but it slacked off later and we have had no more than occasional sprinkles since early afternoon. I spent part of the afternoon making out a shopping list, but then got distracted forgot to call my niece to se if she would be able to pick the stuff up for me Tuesday.

When I finally remembered it was pretty late, and then I discovered that I had let my phone battery run down and I had to recharge it, and by the time I called there was only voice mail available. I'll try calling her again tomorrow, but with such short notice she might not be available, in which case I'll have to make a new list with the things that are on sale in the new ad that comes out Wednesday. This is what happens when I both procrastinate and get insufficient sleep.

It was nice to have the rain, though I wasn't sufficiently focused to really enjoy it to the fullest. Most of the morning I had that feeling I sometimes get that I'd had some very disturbing dreams that I couldn't remember— a persistent uneasiness that no distraction could remove. I tried reading for a while, but it didn't work because my mind kept wandering off the page. I kept wishing some birds would come and hang out in the backyard, but they never did. The only thing to listen to out there was the hum of traffic on the freeway.

It's quiet now, but also cold— not as cold as on some recent nights, but still uncomfortably chilly. There is unlikely to be more rain from this storm, but another is due Wednesday and then another on Friday. The only real surprise in the forecast is in the next week, when we could be getting highs in the mid-sixties for a few days. It would be a pleasant break, but it makes me worry about the snowpack, and thus about next summer's water supply. I'd rather have a few more uncomfortable days in winter and a generous supply of snow on the mountains than a few mild interludes followed by water rationing.

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