rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Twenty-four

This has been the third New Year's Eve I've spent in Chico, and it has been the noisiest one. The fireworks began popping now and then Thursday afternoon, and began to pick up after sunset. By ten o'clock they were going off every few minutes, and that continued until the fusillade began shortly before midnight. There were also a number of cars leaving rubber on the road while their occupants screamed through presumably open windows.

Over half an hour later I'm still hearing fireworks. College towns insist on partying, whatever the circumstances. The New Year infection spike should begin in a week or so, but it won't be noticeable since it will be blending in with the Christmas spike which has just gotten under way. Happy freaking New Year. Listening to the booms and bangs, I couldn't help but think that it sounded like the door hitting 2020 in the ass, again and again and again.

The New Year's Day rain has been all but canceled, the chances being down to 5%, but it's still on for Monday. The days are still going to be chilly anyway, though the nights are not as cold. It's only expected to get down to 44 tonight. Thank goodness for small favors. Oh, and I have Guinness. Thank goodness for that, too.

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