rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Twenty-two

Oops. The naplessness only lasted one day. Tuesday I woke up after only six hours of sleep, so by evening I was pretty tired and decided to nap a couple of hours around seven o'clock. I didn't worry about dinner being delayed as I'd had a late lunch which was quite large, but I expected to be awake again by nine o'clock or ten at the latest. Then I ended up sleeping until midnight. The large late lunch might have had something to do with that.

The moon is full tonight, and it was rising while I was out fetching the wheelie bin. The horizon was smeared with thin clouds, so the moon was less a disc than a mysterious blur of brightness surrounded by ethereal fog, but post-nap I went back out to find it almost overhead and shining in clear sky. My neck does not allow me to look at things almost overhead for more than a few seconds, so I had to wait a couple more hours to get a good look at it as it settled westward among the semi-bare branches of a tree on the other side of the bike path. I couldn't look at it for long then either, as it is once again very cold outside.

It's supposed to be cloudy again today, with a high probability of rain by nightfall, and then sunny and mild on Thursday. Variety! The remainder of the week will be cloudy again, and next week could be quite wet, with showers on Sunday and some rain likely for three days after that. Sometime during that week I'm likely run out of a few items in the kitchen. My milk is not gone, but I can tell it's getting close to souring. There are only four slices of bread left, and I've been out of orange juice for several days, and donuts even longer. I'm thinking about seeing if I can get someone to pick up a few things for me, as I don't plan on going out myself this month.

I had no intention of being awake at this hour, but I'm not optimistic about getting back to sleep. I'm feeling a bit hyper, in fact. I should probably turn off the computer and start attempting to calm myself, or I might end up staying awake for hours yet. Life seemed easier when I had a routine I could depend on. At least it seems that it seemed so. I actually can't remember when I last had such a routine. Maybe I just imagined that there once was such a thing.

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