rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Twenty

Apparently I'm back to evening naps that last past midnight, which is what happened Sunday. Since I didn't eat dinner before the nap I must eat something now, and can't decide what. It's likely to end up being ramen again. Even though I've been awake for about three hours my brain is still fuzzy. I don't want to give it caffeine, because I hope to get back to sleep before sunrise.

It's cold again tonight, and there could be frost. That probably doesn't matter much this time of year, since no plants are budding. It's uncomfortable for me to go out though. It would be nice to go out and get a bit of fresh air, the apartment being stuffy, but I get chilled too fast. Another reason to try to go back to sleep, after I eat something.

Planlessness continues. There has been trouble with my internet connection tonight, and I have no idea why. Technology works until it doesn't. Sort of like my brain, or my joints.

It's cold at night, but at least it's quiet. I could hear myself think, if I could still think.

Good grief. I should just shut up and eat.

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