rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Seventeen

A chilly day coming, and a chilly week to follow. Thursday wasn't too bad, but tonight is one I wouldn't want to be outside enduring. The birds who come to eat the berries on the unidentified bushes are getting bolder, or maybe are getting used to seeing me in the yard now and then, as several of them were hopping about and snacking while I was sitting in a chair out there Thursday afternoon. I don't want them to get too comfortable with me, of course, as they might then feel fine about crapping on the chair while I am in it.

Sleep last night wasn't too bad either, but not as good as I'd like. I still woke up too early, and it has had a bad effect on me all day. I avoided evening sleepiness Thursday only by drinking a cola that afternoon. The caffeine is only now wearing off enough that I feel I might be able to sleep again soon. I really have to time caffeination carefully, or it can last too late into the night. I think I got it about right this time, plus there was a bonus in that I had enough energy not only to fix a good sized meal but to clean up afterward. So I'm well fed, and will have a clean kitchen when I wake up tomorrow. Merry Christmas to me, I guess.

Too bad Santa won't be coming, as I could have used a package of donuts. I'll have to substitute cookies again today, and I'm getting tired of them. I have that package of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls I could bake, but keep forgetting it. That would hold me for a couple of days. I'm not planning on going shopping this month unless the infection rate comes way down. It has declined over the last couple of days, but any decline for the rest of the weekend is going to be at least partly the result of the holiday delay in reporting. I won't know until the middle of next week what the situation is really like. Maybe I'll be able to get out during the second week of January, but maybe not.

Anyway, the future is way off over there, and maybe I won't even be in it, so I'm not planning anything. Just fantasizing. That's a lot safer these days, and surprisingly economical. The short term future is probably going to include me though, and it's going to be wet. Rain this afternoon almost a certainty, so I must remember to bring in my outdoor chair. That's the one without bird shit on it. The one with the bird shit stays out and gets washed.

It's to cold inhere. I'm going to go get under my electric blanket.

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