rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Sixteen

A call from an insurance company woke me up around half past eight Wednesday morning. In fact I'd already been intermittently awake (or fitfully asleep) for over an hour by then, but the call ended any possibility that I could return fully to sleep, and so I got up, and I've been muddling through the day ever since. A period of great sleepiness just after sunset was ignorable, and so I'm approaching exhaustion rapidly as midnight passes. I hope to sleep better tonight.

It's very cold out, and if I had any water bowls out for cats they would surely freeze. But there are no cats and thus no water bowls, and I get to stay indoors with a furnace and an electric blanket, and soon get to curl up with a book that, alas, does not purr, but might be reasonably entertaining while I'm falling asleep. Today is Christmas Eve Day, and tomorrow is rainy Christmas, and then there is only one week until 2020 is over. I won't be sorry to see it go, but it has left so many turds floating in the world's punch bowl that I doubt we'll get anything resembling normal life out of its successor.

Substituting peanut butter on crackers for any actual dinner means I have no dishes to clean before bed. I'm still feeling sort of not very good, but maybe tonight I'll feel like making an actual meal of some sort. Whether or not I will feel like thinking remains to be seen.

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