rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Fourteen

The extreme lateness of the hour indicates that I've gone back to evening napping. Unable to keep my eyes open, I crashed about ten o'clock Monday evening and then woke up around two o'clock in the morning. The nap failed to refresh me, but at least my eyelids aren't drooping (for now.) The nap might have been partly induced by an oversized dinner. I went to microwave a ramen bowl and discovered that it wasn't microwavable and wasn't soup. It was one of those things that you pour hot water over and let it sit, then drain the water and stir in a sauce packet. The sauce turned out to be painfully hot, so I fixed a package of regular ramen and mixed the two together. It was still a bit too spicy, but I ate most of it anyway, and that overload might have been what put me to sleep. When I woke up from the nap my stomach hurt. I won't be buying that product again. It's called Samdang Buldak Kimchee, and I don't recommend it unless you want to experience the fires of hell in your mouth.

Some ill-positioned clouds prevented me from seeing the maximum conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Monday evening, but perhaps it will be clearer tonight. The planets won't appear to be quite as close together, but my eyesight is now so bad that they might still blur together into one light anyway. This morning there is actually quite a bit of fog out there, but that's supposed to burn off later this morning. For the moment, the fog is so appealing that I'd be tempted to go out walking in it, if there was anywhere to walk to around here, and if I felt like getting out of my comfy house clothes into something suitable for outdoors. I don't, of course.

But at least I can step out into the backyard and smell the fog. I've always liked the smell of fog. Once the traffic on the freeway picks up it won't smell so good though. But I should be back to sleep by then. It's starting to turn a bit grey out already. The nights will be getting shorter now. Sunrise at 7:25 today. Goodnight, night.

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