rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Days Nine and Ten

I keep forgetting to do this, though I've been up since nine o'clock this morning. I went to sleep around eleven Wednesday night, but had a couple of wakeful hours before dawn, then managed to get back to sleep before the sun rose. By the time my brain began functioning sufficiently it was lunch time, and the rest of the day was just frittered away in distraction. Today was partly cloudy and we got a few brief sprinkles, and there was a visit from the mockingbird, but nothing else of interest happened. The parking lot was empty all day, and it would have been a good time to do some laundry, but I completely forgot.

The winter solstice is on Monday, December 21, and that is also when the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter takes place, early in the evening. The forecast for Chico is for partly cloudy sky, which might prevent me from seeing it. If I miss it I have to wait until 2400 for another chance, and it seems unlikely I'd still be living around here then. There could be a problem with my view even it it isn't cloudy, since it's going to appear in the southwest, and I don't have the best view in that direction.

I'm down to my last two donuts, but there's no way I'm going out to get more, or sending anyone else to fetch them. Butte County reported that seven people died from coronavirus yesterday. A spike in deaths was expected to show up a few weeks after Thanksgiving, but seven reported in one day is still a shock. The new infection rate now is running much higher than it was in the first two weeks after Thanksgiving, too, so we could be seeing another, even higher, spike in deaths a few weeks from now, plus the current one is probably not over yet. Nobody working in hospitals in California can expect any time off for Christmas or the New Year holiday.

There's no telling when I'll get to sleep tonight, and thus no telling when I'll get up tomorrow. I actually wouldn't know what day it was if the cellphone didn't tell me. I know it's getting colder, both day and night. I'm glad I stocked up on ramen.

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