rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day Seven

I expected Monday evening's nap to be a short one, but it turned long, and I just woke up a short while ago. In other words, it was not a nap at all, but a normal period of sleep lasting about eight hours. What were the odds of that happening? Pretty slim, I'd guess. Now I'm awake in the cold morning, feeling the same anxiety and regret I would sixty years ago when I had to get up on such mornings to catch the school bus. And I haven't done my homework! Does nothing ever change?

Now there is a very long day ahead of me, and long days are even more problematic than long nights. By day I keep thinking I should be out doing something, but I can't go out. But I've never been very good with this time of day, so maybe it will get better later after my brain actually wakes up. If it does. I should have some tea and eat a donut.

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