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Reset Sixteen, Day Three [Dec. 11th, 2020|02:00 am]
Thursday involved a lot of sleeping again. I didn't get up until two o'clock in the afternoon, and though it was probably the last reasonably mild day of the season I didn't spend much time outdoors. Around four o'clock I heard a guy walking around on the roof. There was a truck from a furnace business parked in the driveway, but I don't think the guy was up there long enough to do proper maintenance, so maybe he was just doing a check in advance of a longer visit. If he comes back next week he might have to deal with rain, so maybe it will be today. I hope it doesn't wake me up too early.

Well I managed one paragraph, then sat here woolgathering for an hour and came up with nothing. I guess I've got nothing else to say. Dinner? I honestly can't remember. I could if I thought about it for a while, but thinking hurts. I'll go and get under the covers and read something fluffy until I fall asleep. There is chocolate with almonds. It's better than beating my mush-filled head against a blank computer screen.